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Hi there! This is a tumblog dedicated to the various fabulous outfits worn by the character Kurt Hummel on Glee (played by Chris Colfer).

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my mother has been murdered,
i really need help

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Kurt + the evolution of his NYC style  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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kurt’s season 5 outfits (part 2)

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Please help my small queer family from going homeless! 



Hello, My name is Mariah. my partner and I have been nannying for a friend for the past 6 months (living under her roof) and as of last week we were told that we are evicted within the next few weeks, our now ex employer has not paid us our past 2 month pay check and I only average 600$ a month working for macys, which obviously just isnt enough to make ends meet. The rug was pulled from under us. It is just her and I and our dog Jellybean, and were trying to raise as much as we can for a deposit on a small cheap apartment, we’ve been trying so hard to make it on our own for 4 years now, both of us leaving very abusive families behind, and if we cant get the money together soon then we will be forced to go back to those abusive families and live across the state from each other or become homeless. If you can donate anything at all even just a dollar my small family will be forever greatful, If you cant its okay! just pass this along on your blog. Thank you so much.

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signal boost! gotta help our fellow qpoc. please donate if you can. 


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I am asking for your help and I hate to do it but its a matter of life or death of a beloved animal who has done nothing wrong.

My town has very strict policies for pitbulls along with other “bully” breeds. The breed bias is unfair and has been fought against for…

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