fashion knows no gender.

Hi there! This is a tumblog dedicated to the various fabulous outfits worn by the character Kurt Hummel on Glee (played by Chris Colfer).

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Fashion of Glee Look Book - Kurt

  1. Topshop Longsleeve Scarf Shirt - $76.00
  2. Modcloth Bag Swag Keychain - $16.99
  3. Modcloth Full Mettle Boot - $79.99
  4. Lot78 Cotton-Jersey Biker Jacket - $200.00
  5. Asos Vera Moda Very Leather Cape - $136.00
  6. Catarzi exclusive for ASOS Peaked Riding Hat - $17.00
  7. Urban Outfitters BB Dakota Campbell Striped Maxi Cardigan - $85.00
  8. Hot Topic RUDE Black and Grey Plaid Zipper Skinny Fit Denim Jeans - $44.50
  9. Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Slashed Back Sweater - $49.99

If there’s one thing that Kurt’s astonishingly varied, but always fabulous outfits have in common, it’s that they make a statement. And while Kurt’s clothes might be mostly designer, you can still recreate his look by choosing stand-out pieces and accessories that demand attention.

In fact, if you made a list of everything Kurt has worn over the last three seasons, it’s difficult to think of what wouldn’t be on it. He’s worn everything from trapper hats to top hats, bow ties to bolo ties, capes, cossack hats, cravattes, pleather, plaid and pinstripes.

But it’s fair to say Kurt loves cutting-edge knitwear, attention-grabbing prints, unusual outerwear, unexpected embellishments (think safety pins and studs) and amazing accessories.

And most importantly of all, at the same time as proving to us that fashion has no gender, Kurt has shown us that there really are no rules. So if you like it, wear it. Be bold. Be fabulous. And above all, have courage.

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